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Gel Blasters are the latest & funny gaming activities for adults and kids, also for families. They provide us an intense, exciting, enjoyable gaming experience and strengthen the relationship bewteen one to the other.

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We are a Hong Kong-based brand specializing in providing high-quality gel blasters worldwide since 2020. Our team of experts sources only the best manufacturers worldwide to offer our customers top-quality products at competitive prices. With over 70,000 satisfied customers and a commitment to exceptional customer service, we aim to make your shopping experience seamless and stress-free.

  • Ashley Eldrede:

    "Kids loved the toy pistols I bought them! Great quality and services! Thanks RubberCouch!"

  • Drogo George:

    "Third time shopping on RubberCouch, I get impressed everytime when I receive my package! Keep up the good work!"

  • Faisal Kendrick:

    "By far my favorite place to buy toy guns, fast delivery, excellent services and quality, keep up the great work!"

How To Soak Gel Bullets For Your Gel Launchers

Soak dry gellets in clean water for 4 hours, or until they reach 7.6mm+, use purified water for best results.

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